What is Water Aerobics

Exercise is a really important day to day process required for the human body to properly function. Due to our office jobs, we sit around all day and practically exercise our mind rather than our body. To be sane and exceptionally healthy, we must exercise the other part of this equation, our body.  This really important part of moving our body can be performed in so many ways and one of those ways is through aerobics. The later most importantly can also be through water sports aerobics.

Aerobics it’s a generally easy and approachable exercise for starters and people that find gyms really annoying. Including water in the equation, makes everything more fun.  The introduction of water in the aerobics was due to the fact that water, through the resistance and freshness it provides gives you the ability to stay fresh and not get as tired as you would normally be in a stressed and sweaty aerobic session. This compared to running, and spinning achieves almost the same result with very little the pain – but of course there is some effort involved.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that every adults should engage in muscle strengthening activities at least twice a week due to the fact that our modern lifestyle has gotten stale and more constant as years go by and this number had to be standardized. As a positive side, water sports aerobics additionally provides a lot of help in acid build up and helps in using all the muscles due to the push and pull that water provides.

Another important part of water sports aerobics is the fact that it provides a lot of help for the elderly. As we mentioned earlier the adult human body needs a lot of exercise and this exercise has to be done periodically. As the years go by the body deteriorates and this deterioration prevents the elderly to have the possibility to exercise in a more active way. Due to the fact that water aerobics is done in controlled semi filed pools and in groups, this environment provides a safe exercising procedure for the elderly. The problem with elderly injuries, other than them being prone to getting in an accident, is the time it takes them to recover. Water helps with preventing any falling accidents that may happen due to moving clumsiness and any other inconveniences.


Water Aerobic Exercises

Water Aerobic ExercisesWater aerobics can be done at home too, or event at any pool if you are interested. There are specific exercises that can help you get fitter and healthier and some of them are as follows:


To do the K-Trend you need no equipment at all, except the pool. You have to keep in mind that the K-Trend is an intermediate level exercise so you have to be relatively fit and with exercise experience.

What this specific exercise targets are the arms, back , abs, butt, chest and hamstrings.

How to do this exercise:

First of all go in the deep end, tread water. What you have to do is make small circular motions with cupped hands, after this you lift your left leg and straighten it out until it reaches hip level. At the same time you have to reach with your right leg toes towards the bottom of the pool. This position should be kept for 5-7 seconds and then while you keep circulation your hands you have to switch your legs rapidly and hold them again. You have to repeat shit type of movement for 30-40 seconds. During all this time you have to remember to squeeze your glutes and quads as much as possible so you can keep your legs as straight as possible. Don’t forget to keep breathing regularly. Keep in mind that with all these exercises there is a need for you to understand what your limits are. Make sure to stop if you feel dizzy, or your heart beats are over the normal levels for exercising. If you feel any pain, visit your physician immediately.

Water walking with hand webs

Water aerobic exercises are low impact exercises that take pressure off your joints and bones. This is because water offers natural resistances that help strengthen your muscles. If you aren’t capable of swimming you can do aquatic exercises. The most basic thing you can start off is water walking. In this exercise you have to go waist deep in the pool and swing your arms like you would do when you would normally do when walking in the street. You have to avoid walking on your tiptoes and keep your back straight. Keep your body straight by tightening your abdominal muscles, so you can avoid leaning to the sides. To increase difficulty you can wear hand webs so your hands make more resistance with the water, making it harder to walk,

TIP: you can try wearing water shoes so you can maintain traction with the bottom of the pool so you won’t slip and cause muscle pain.